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New feature-Needs testing! USB plugin supporting microphones for Singstar, Life line and Guitar Hero games!
Model: Clevo P570WM Laptop
GPU: GeForce GTX 980M ~8GB GDDR5
CPU: Intel Core i7-4960X CPU +4.2GHz (12 CPUs)
Memory: 32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3L 1600MHz, 4x8gb
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

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Well, it's working pretty good. I'm just getting alot of static from my laptop microphone. I'm going to rip my set of SingStar games and try with the real microphones later today / tomorrow.

Well, the official wireless ps2 microphones works great after splitting the audio-in to two-channels in windows.
Got both emulator and plugin exclusively to play Lifeline.

What I experienced:
-Game recognises the mic and accepts the input
-Either voice recognition is subpar, which is far from what I remember and recently witnessed, or there is something with my mic - it fails to recognise basic commands or recognises them completely wrong. It recognises "shoot" as "left eye", for example, and "table" as "desks".
Or perhaps there is some issue that I can't understand. If latter is the case - would be nice to know possible problems.
Tested in Manhunt (game optional feature: gamer can use microphone to distract enemies with his own voice sounds), unfortunately didn't work. Headset settings in game remains grayed. Also it caused game glitch - after second cutscene Director's camera show endless static noise and game hungs.
Can someone help me set up the mic. I cant find a tutorial anywhere.
(05-23-2016, 07:36 PM)prafull Wrote: Mic support worked great with lifeline. I easily finished tutorial and reached first fight, but I need to master this game better to progress further.

Hi how do you setup the mic to play the LifeLine game?
I did set the USB plugin but it still cannot detect the mic.

Do I need to use a special microphone? and/or does it need to be a USB microphone?

I've downloaded the plugin and done as many people in this thread and other threads told me to, but I cannot access my USB plugin settings. When I try, it tells me "This space is left intentionally blank." There are no other people with the same issue from what I can tell, so I'm just kind of unable to play Lifeline at the moment.
Did you select the correct plugin in the Plugin Selection panel?
[Image: 36a66c559937a1f5d0cd7460362d4093.jpg?bg=2c2c2c]
(12-22-2017, 01:02 AM)CK1 Wrote: Did you select the correct plugin in the Plugin Selection panel?

I believe so. Is there a specific plugin I should be using, other than the default?

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