New here. I have a couple questions.
I'm building a new PC and figured now that I'm not stuck on a P4 rig, I can have better luck with PS2 emulation. I only can manage about 12fps on a 3ghz P4 and a 6600GT Nvidia playing God of War.

First off. I noticed the compatibility list and that Killzone is only good to the ingame menus. Now thats for the official release. Has anyone had any luck with the betas?

Secondly, I'm upgrading to a Athlon II X3, 4GBs of Ram, and gonna be using the onboard 4200 ATI for a few weeks.(saving up for a GPU, waiting to see what Nvidia releases and hoping ATI drops prices) That onboard performs to about a 6800 Nvidia. And, I'm gonna be running 64bit Win7 Pro. Any complications?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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1st question: sorry I can't help you about this Laugh

2nd question: I don't know about win 64bit... my friend use win7 64 bit with core i3, 4gb ram, vga 5470 to play FFX (-r1888 with plugin from December 30, default settings) and it crash like hell.
HD4200 is not that great... it's still onboard after all. I think you should get a 9600GT, HD4770 or above.
I really recommend you upgrade to an Intel system, if it's for PCSX2.
If you want AMD, you better make sure to overclock it to like 4Ghz.
Else it won't be enough for many games.

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