New, need some config help
Hello just started using this so i have no idea what i am doing. I have been playing Kessen 3 lately and i just can't seem to get configuration right so it will play normally. I can play it but there is always a catch somewhere in the sound, or menu's not working.

My comp specs are:
3GB ram
and a quad core at 2.4Ghz

Basically i was first using the default GSDx 890 plugin for graphics, everything was fine except the character models began to break apart. when there move's moved black boxes would appear or there mouth would just be removed and you could see through to the back of there heads.

I then tried the ZeroGS 0.97.1 but this has came with it's own problems.
First off, it is dropping the framerate at times to 40FPS. Cutscenes, loading screens or menu's aren't appearing properly (but the battles are fine, except for the minimap) they will appear from anything as distored colours, lines of distorted colours with no shap of what they should be or just a grey Blob. I am also having trouble with the sound slowing down at times. Im not sure what i should do or even what is needed if you can help me. So please let me know if you need anymore info to go on and ill answer best i can.

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[Image: PCsx2config.jpg]
Current config.

Here are some img's of what i mean. Characters are fine, just meu's and loading screens.
[Image: Kessen3img5.jpg]
Top right corner there should be a transparent minimap, showing enemy units and terrain details.
[Image: Kessen3img4.jpg]
To the left of the characters knee there should be a solid picture of a unit inside to tell you which unit gets a bonus from armour.
[Image: Kessen3img3.jpg]
Character model just, out of a cutscene.. looks fine.
[Image: Kessen3img2.jpg]
Loading screen. It should say loading at the bottom right corner.
get the newest beta and try that, MANY improvements have been made to gDX and to pcsx2 itself
Ok just downloaded it, thanks the graphics are much better off. But the sound problem still exsists and my frame rate is dropping quite a bit. Any idea's?
speedhacks is the only thing I can say will work for that. you'll have to play with them till you find what works
How do i use speedhacks? where can i find them?

EDIT; never mind found the option.

Thanks again ill tweek about see if i can do anything. Will post again if i need anymore help.

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