New pc:intel i5 750 vs i5 660
I'm considering building a new PC, to be used for gaming, multimedia and general office tasks.

I've not decided yet what CPU I should use and am currently undecided between the intel i5 750 and the intel i5 660. Taking into account that the price is roughly equal, and that benchmarks are not wholly on one side or the other, it's not clear to me which CPU would be better for PCSX2.

On the one hand, the i5 750 has 4 cores and double the amount of cache memory, while on the other the the i5 660 has hyperthreading, an integrated video chip (which I would not use) and 3.33 Ghz base frequency versus 2.66 for the i5 750 but only 2 cores.

Which CPU would you consider to be the better choice at the moment for PCSX2 and in general?


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Pcsx2 uses two cores for the time being.
So the question is what do you want to use your cpu for?
It depends on what sorts of multimedia and general office tasks you do.
For lighter tasks like watching movies, word processing, etc., the 660 would suffice.
For heavier tasks like video encoding, running CPU intensive programs, the 750 is necessary.
Another thing to consider is whether or not you're running at base clock.
The 750 is more or less an overclocker's CPU.
Low base clock, high overclock ability.
The 660 is the opposite.
High base clock, low overclock abilty.
...Pick your poison I guess.
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