New question, and thank you forever
Game seems to work so far after all this forum's help.

But I am trying to do Kingdom Hearts 1
but it keeps... holding up every second...
When the start scene begins... The sound is completly.. AWFULL!

Is there osmething to do about it?

It's like ...

When i ... was... You... ger... it ...

and so forth

Thank you in advance

Sincerly DJScias

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I recommend checking your task manager (Alt + Ctrl + Delete, then in the processes tab) and checking if you have anything running in the background which might be interfering.

The only other possability which could cause stuttering every second is either running from disc, in which case make an iso of it and run from that, or you have hardware monitoring programs running, which tend to cause stuttering while it reads your sensors.

However! knowing your plugin setup, machine specs etc would be VERY helpful.
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Ahh i see, thank you...
I was using it from a disk xD

Sincerly DJScias

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