New to 0.9.6 asking about the cheat
Hi everybody, i was using playground for 2 months, and i just found 0.9.6 is out. Seriously, 0.9.6 has shown some huge improve, but so far i faced a big problem that is CHEAT!! Since you only go to memory dump then put XP/Raw code is done in playground, here is the question how i should use cheat in 0.9.6???? and i know there is difference about the type of codes, AR2, XP, RAW, so please tell me which is the right one, and the proper way to cheat it, thank you!!!!

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(03-03-2009, 09:47 AM)icemann Wrote: ..Huh?
I just wanna ask how to use cheat in 0.9.6, thank you~!!!!!
ok go to this link
you will find the answer

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