New to PCSX2. Need advice on optimization
Hey guys, I just recently started using this emulator and I'd have to say I'm pretty happy. My pc is currently running an Nvidia 8800 GTX with 4 gigs of ram and a AMD Phenom II x4 945 processor on Windows 7. The only games I've tried running are Macross and KOF 2006. Macross seems to run pretty much full speed up to parts where there are a lot of objects on the screen. As for KOF, aside from the main menu, I get crap for FPS. I really haven't messed with any settings after installing the emulator, so I'm not sure if the hardware on my PC can't really cut having games run full speed all the time, or if it's a setting I'm just not using. Thanks in advance.

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Edit: Upon further investigation, I realize I've posted on this forum about something similar long ago. 2009 to be exact. I've upgraded my processor quite a bit it seems. I was running an AMD x2 last time I attempted to run PCSX2.
Are you using any Speedhacks?

If not-- you may be in for a treat. Wink
No, not that I know of. Like I said, I haven't messed with any settings at all. I tried reading the guide here about it, but it was a little overwhelming so I set it back to default settings.
Fair enough.
Best not to mess with too much stuff, anyway. Wink

From the main PCSX2 window,
go to : Config -> Emulation Settings.

Under the "Speedhacks" tab,
enable the Speedhacks.

The [Recommended] Speedhacks will usually help a bit,
usually without side-effects.

The two sliders can have great effect, though.
Different games will respond differently with them.
Just try gradually increasing one, or the other, at a time.

Experiment yourself with different games,
since some may begin to "break" in various ways.
Usually when one, or the other, is used in excess,
but some few cases will have problems with one, or both, of the sliders entirely.
Sweet, thanks I'll try that! What are your thoughts on my hardware? Do you think that it should be sufficient enough to handle the high demand of the emulator?
I'll put it this way:

It meets "demands",
but not the highest.

The stock clockrate is pretty average with yours (3.0Ghz, right?).
Though that processor could handle a higher clockrate,
which would help it run even some heavier games,
it will still fall short of the heaviest, either way.

Your GPU shouldn't have trouble with native resolutions,
and even should handle a bit of up-scaling in most situations.
Ultimately-- Your processor will be your bottleneck, when you get one.
Any suggestions on processors?
Well, the only thing to be gained there is clock cycles.
If you are not an overclocker,
you would look to buy the one witht the highest clockrate you can afford.

I believe that's a Phenom II X4 980, clocked @ 3.7Ghz out the box.

That'd be about the best you could do with your sockett type (motherboard),
and without overclocking.

Realistically, the difference isn't as tremendous as it could be,
and not as worth if you were to go with a newer Intel board and CPU.

Any Sandy Bridge i5 can do better than any Phenom II could at any realistic clockrate.
If you were to bother spending money on an upgrade, it might as well be that.

FYI - Core i5 are faster than Phenom II, even at lower clockrates. Wink
haha, yeah? I do like intell processors better...the AMD was just bought for a quick replacement to be quite honest.

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