New to PCSX2, Some issues I can't resolve.
So I've been trying to get this emulator to work properly for a while now and I just can't get it working, hopefully you can help me out.
I have an .iso of the game Dark Chronicle, which seems to be working properly, but when I run it from PCSX2 it boots allgood, until it gets to the Memory Card / Disc screen (browser) and says DvD player is not set up.
I've followed the setup guide through, twice, extremely closely, and everything is set-up as it should be, but it still doesn't work.
Also, when I first boot it, it is extremely slow, that initial screen takes about 20 seconds to cycle through, and the sound is extremely bad.
Any ideas? I would be greatly appreciative.

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What is your system specs?

The problem with running the iso file is probably misconfiguration, make sure you are running it with the Linuz ISO cdvd plugin and that it isnt mounted in any external program.
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I'm running an NVIDIA GeForce 7600GS 512mb GFX Card, AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ 2.61 GHz, 3.50GB RAM, XP Home Edition SP3.
I'm not mounting the .iso with any programs, but I do get a different error (please insert a Playstation or Playstation2 format disc) with an .iso I created from a PS2 disc (Guitar Hero: Aerosmith).
The funny thing is with Linuz I 'test' the plugin is working after configuring it and selecting the Dark Chronicle .iso, and it says it should work fine, yet it doesn't.
sounds like a bad dump.

Try with gigahertz CD/DVD plugin and your original DVD.
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Ok will do.
Aside from the game issues - any possibilities for the slowness of the loading screen, and also the sounds. It's real choppy, and horrible quality, though I've configured everything.
If its that bad in the loading screen I'd hate to imagine what it'd be like actually playing.
Well your processor is not that good and the card isnt helping either, you'd have to make sure to use the "native" option and using the D3D9 (Hardware) renderer in GSdx for starters and this can help just so much and well show us what settings do you have currently to help more, also show us what speed does it show in the title bar of the game window when you launch PCSX2.

You should also try the latest beta as it can help with speeds:
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Ok so I tried with the disk, configured P.E.op.S CDVD to run from my DvD Drive, as well as Gigahertz, and when tested they "should work properly", yet when I try to 'Run CD/DvD', the program crashes, giving no error in the console, the game screen doesn't even appear.
Can you post a screenshot of the console output?
I'm interested in what it says when you run an .iso.
Screenshots of my CDVD plugin configs for when I'm running off the PS2 Disc: - PEops - Gigahertz
And as it happens it worked this time, but the game didn't load once at the screen in this screenshot, also with console output:
Just a quick question as I'm not entirely clear - when running an .iso, should I have Ghz and PEops configured to No Drive, or keep them how they are and just remove the disk?
Edit: I removed the disk and left the config for PEops and Ghz as they were, went into Linuz and selected my .iso, then tested it and it said "should work correctly", but it still wouldn't load, took some screenshots to illustrate:' - When run from .iso
After it loads (still sloooowww)
Burnout 3 isnt compatible with PCSX2 as far as I know, which according to that image it's the game you tried to load and dont use ZeroGS with AA if you dont want it to be slow use GSdx instead or use no AA option.

As for the ISO how did you make that ISO? I suggest you use the ImgBurn program for it.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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