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New to PCSX2 just want to play FFXII
it should be quite fast. my 2.2 dual (E2200) runs it at 25 fps. I'm unsure what yours is exactly, but it's higher than 2.4 I know that. you'll do fine

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Mines stock 2.33 but i wanted front side bus higher so i justed overclocked to 2.4
then it should be fine
Im running on a q9550 overclocked to 3.4ghz,It runs FFXII perfectly. speedhacks isnt necesarry but with it on it lets me play at almost 200% speed wich makes some of the more painful lleveling process a lot faster.

Try different plugins, what one person uses on his rig might not work on yours. So try around with different settings.
All right got it working but the graphical quality is terrible.
I dont have anything clicked on the right hand side. I use Zero GS
and its set to 1280x720 even though i have a 1680x1050 moniter. Also some cut scenes are reall laggy even though it says its 40fps+
There graphical quality is crap to. How can i improve it.
use GSdx
okay ill try that when i get home and i looked extreamly under-res
Zero GS is a very bad plugin for gfx, sadly.
OH okay well anyway ill try that tonight. Hopefully that will solve my problems.
(02-25-2009, 12:46 AM)Saiki Wrote: Zero GS is a very bad plugin for gfx, sadly.

Yet some games only work with ZeroGS. It's not a matter of what's better or not. It's actually a matter of what you want to play and how well you want to play it.

After all... Emulation is all about experimenting. Wink

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