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New to pcsx2
Well today i downloaded pcsx2 1.0.0 have a broken ps2 here...got it running and everything tried several idea's on how to speed up my game but when i try to run gran turismo 3 it's virtualy unplayable due to 25-48fps throughout the races..menu's all running at 140+fps...only problems are races replays and purchasing cars...

I have intel dual core series e5800 @ 3.2ghz
4gb's 866mhz ddr2 ram
ati/amd gigabyte 6670hd 1gb dx11,10,9 supported
wd 7200rpm sata 3 hdd w/16mb buffer
n poopy windows vista 32bit

using plugins that came with pcsx2 and a copy of my ps2 bios which was a royal pain 2 get with it being broken and all.....this is my fav game on ps2....someone please help me....

disabled the frame limiter fyi
oh ee82% at highest
gs35% at peak
ui 3% at peak

have turned off all options i know graphics wise that are known to cause slowdowns....played with the speed hacks which helped some...using d3d9

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first off, GT3 is an intense game, you're going to have problems with it.
second. you need to have your OWN bios, not a downloaded one
third, only download pcsx2 from THIS site (or the buildbot site. orphis)

(if I otherwise read that wrong, I'm sorry)
ya check marks on all that....um..i'm sorry but where's the help in that comment? am i missing something? not trying to be rude but i dont get the point in your comment....
Sounds normal, since GT games are some of the most demanding in PCSX2, you need huge processing power for most of them. Give the MTVU speed hack a try (even if it is not recommended for dual cores)...other than that I guess you could only overclock your CPU
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