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New to pcsx2 help needed please
Hey all firt i would like to say great programme so far just need lil help got all the configuration sorted now when i try and start my game straight from the original game disk the programme will stop working and shut down it says the DEP shut the programme down so i disabled DEP through the command prompt and it still crashes any ideas ???. And secondly if i try and boot the game using the iso files then the ps2 screen comes up but only shows the 2 memory cards no game disk shows i think i am loading the correct file as when i open the game iso file there is only 1 iso file to choose all help will be appreciated cheers


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PCSX2 version? Plugins? PC specs? OS?
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(02-15-2010, 08:42 PM)Bositman Wrote: PCSX2 version? Plugins? PC specs? OS?

Hey sorry i got the game working using a diff plugin using the disk but i cant get the iso to work. i got 4gb ram nvidia geforce card 512mb pretty new comp so its good for the specs and the plugins are what i got with the pcsx2 binary from this site and the os is vista 64bit home premium
Doesn't help. List your configurations and plugins you USE, i know you have the ones from the pack. You never said if you're using 0.9.6 release or 1888 beta
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