New with a question regarding FFXII
I have read through the sticky to see if PCSX2 will run or not, and from what I can tell (though I could be reading it wrong) it should be playable for my friend. But seeing as how I am clueless when it comes to hardward and computers, I thought I'd better just ask directly.

My friend and I are both trying to play FFXII on our respective machines and hes having a lot of issue with it. His PC is nowhere near as good as my laptop, so I told him I would come here and ask for some advice for him.

First off, the emulator and the game run smoothly on my laptop and I will include my specs here as well to show you what I am working with.

These are mine;
Windows 7 64-bit
Intel Core i5-3230M CPU @ 2.6GHz
6GB of RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M
1G Video Memory

I am running the latest svn of the PCSX2 and FFxII runs perfectly for me. I get 59-60 fps during cut scenes and during game play. My friends specs are a lot lower than mine, so naturally hes having some issues.

These are his;
Windows 7 64-bit
AMD Athlon X2 220 Processor 2.8GHz
2GB of RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430
256MB Video Memory

I know he definitely needs more RAM, but will that make any difference on how well the game runs? He gets the same fps as me (59-60) during the opening cinematic, but once he gets into the actual game play his fps drops to about 20 and the game starts moving in slow motion.

At one point I fiddled with some of the settings in the emulator and managed to get my fps up to 90 or so in cut scenes and about 75 in game play. I had him do the same thing, and it did boost his fps during cut scenes, but had no real affect on the game play for him.

So my question would be, is there any way he can increase his fps even a little so he can play this game with me? We've been wanting to start new games at the same time and play through them together over skype. Are there specific plugins or settings he should be using that might increase his fps at all?

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The problem isn't his ram. It's somewhat his CPU but mostly that "GPU" and I use quotes because you can barely call it that. That's unfortunately not gonna cut it no matter what you guys do.
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I was afraid it would be something like that. The RAM can be replaced because its cheap and I was planning to buy him more anyway, but I can't really afford to try to replace anything else for him. Hes never played XII before and I kept telling him how awesome it was and was really looking forward to playing through it with him. I guess we'll just have to wait until one of us can afford to get some upgrades for him. In the mean time we can always just stick to playing through older FF games hes never played before.
If you want him to play it that bad, a functioning used PS2 will likely cost less or similar to your planned ram upgrade.
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Gaming Rig: Intel i7 6700k @ 4.8Ghz | GTX 1070 TI | 32GB RAM | 960GB(480GB+480GB RAID0) SSD | 2x 1TB HDD

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