Newb for emulation, seeking advice
system specs
8 gig @1600 mhz

I an assuming there is something I need to do to optimize my performance for pcsx2, because I am unable to run games such as need for speed, jak3, etc without the floors being transparent (or black) with characters faces clearly effected by graphical issues. There are configuration guides for plug INS out there, but are they up to date?


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Try the software mode in gsdx...should fix those texture issues..
Also use the latest svn or the last official build

Plus if you are facing lag issues use speedhacks upto an average...don't go too high
Intel core i5 3210m @3.1ghz
Nvidia Geforce GT650m 2Gb DDR5 (Core:975mhz/Memory:1000mhz)Cool
8Gb DDR3 1600hmz Ram
1Tb Hdd
1600x900 Hd resolutionBiggrin
Windows 8.1 64bit
Changing it to the software did fix the black graphical issues, however it slowed down the system dramatically. I am using 0.9.8, any other tips?

Edit: Another thing to mention is the shadows are messed up (always show near 0% transparency even when the black faces/eyes/ground issue is 'fixed' by using software vs hardware).

Thanks for the help!
download the latest svn beta, play around with the speedhacks set your clamp on none etc etc.
if you're using software mode, don't forget to set extra rendering thresds in gsdx to 3....this should help you with slow issue, if not much....
Sadly, software mode is always slower. However, it also seems to be the most compatible.
Set your delftware rendering threads to 3 in Gsdx config, that will help Smile
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