[Newbie] FrameLimiter turns itself off
So I've had pcsx2 for a few days and tried playing fatal frame 2 using beta.r1888 and newest plugins.
Besides some minor graphic errors everything seems to run smoothly. That is until the game suddenly speeds up by about 50% even though I set config>cpu>frame limiter to "limit" .
If I then exit the game before it has returned to normal speed and check those options frame limiter is turned off("normal"). Angry
Most of the time this problem occurs after entering/exiting a game menu. At other times it for some reason happens mid-fight making constant "f4ing" a major annoyance.

My question now is: Is there any way to force frame limiter to stay on throughout the whole game including menues and the like?
Other suggestions are welcome, if you need to know anything about my set-up let me know as I don't quite know what's important. Blush

[Read guide/faq; Searched for: frame limiter, game too fast, fatal frame 2]

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Tab will change the Frame Limiter to normal, too. So if you Alt + Tab out the game, then it will change. Maybe that's the problem.
Curious problem, try another pad plugin..
Make sure both First and Second controller plugins are set to the same, make sure you haven't set the "Tab" key to a ps2 controller button.
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