Newbie (Help please)
i've aproblem with some games like god of war I,shadow of colossus.the games start with me at good speed (50-55 fps) and the graphics not bad either.but when i start to play the game i cann't move[cann't use the gamepad directions up,down,right and left] but the other buttons are working well ,i can hit and jump but not move[there is nothing wrong with controllers configuration they work very well untill i start to play the game they freeze] please help me and thanks in advance[forgive my bad english]
my specs are:
cpu: pentium dual-core E5200 @2.50 GHZ(2cpu)
VGA:nvidia geforce 8400 gs 512mb
Ram:1 g ddr2
os: windows xp sp3
pcsx2Tongue2cxs2 0.9.6 and pcsx2-r1736 (if there is another version to play these games please tell me)

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You should post your plugins configuration so people have a way to find the problem.

Anyway, have you try using LillyPad and setting up the Analog, the game probably uses the Analog to move the character. Also download the latest pcsx2 version (r1888 right now) along with the latest plugin Pack, the games might work better since there has been a lot of improvement.
Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.6Ghz
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HDD 2x750GB Raid 0
Mobo - Asus P6T
OCZ Game XStream 700W
Window 7 Ultimate
i followed your advice about setting up the analogue and it really worked,thank you. you helped me alot

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