Newbie Questions (Ripping, Resolution)
I'm running the public beta version of 0.97 and it's generally working fairly well. I've got some questions though.
First, I would like to rip my games for faster access and for backup purposes. How do I go about doing this?
Second, I have a couple games that support progressive scan. How do I enable this? Is there anyway to FORCE it (Even on games that don't support it).
Third, I'm playing on a 47" HDTV, which is obviously widescreen. Is there anyway to make games that support it automatically switch to 16:9 while 4:3 games automatically switch to that aspect ratio (Without stretching, which I HATE)?

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1) Make an Image (ISO) of your game disc with an app like ImgBurn.
2) Some games let you enable progressive scan form the ingame options, otherwise press and keep the triangle and cross buttons pressed while the game is booting.

You can't really force progressive scan on games that don't support it and you can't automatically switch aspect ratios yet either.
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