Newbie (introduction, problems etc etc)
Hello lads,

Right off the bat this is gonna be rather long and filled with useless/unimportant stuff for most parts, so don't even bother reading unless you have some time on your hands and want to help someone who has been off gaming for approximately 10 years now... Blink

Ok so basically, ever since I moved out of my parents house I left all my gaming stuff behind, my PS2 (BFF) my PC and everything. This was some 10 years ago and I can say that the list of games that I've touched since then is rather short: FF7, FF8, FFIX, FFX, COD2 - yes 2... and 2mons aka dekaron. Nothing else. So yeah you guessed it, I#m a hardcore Final Fantasy fan - at least was - up to the point when things went to *****, FFXI namely. I did not even bother with it anymore and I think that's about when I lost interest in gaming Sad

So to get to the point, I've been playing FF7, 8 and IX on psx emulators over and over and when I recently got myself a new laptop I decided to give a PS2 emulator a shot.
I did not have a clue which one to pick but the good'ol internet suggested PCSX2 so I dl it, went through several tutorials how to set it up (most of which were quite frankly beyond me) and eventually got myself a FFX iso, pushed some buttons and 6h later I was standing at the exit of Luca SmileSmileSmile
Now, about another 60h later I'm still at the exit of Luca, actually I've even gone back inside to be able to sell off everything I owned to support my BB addiction Happy

But yeah slowly but surely it's starting to get tiring so I decided to get some other great games from the past to spend some time with....

To my greatest disappointment though the only game that has actually run smooth so far is FFX x.x

I tried driv3r- absolutely nonplayable
burnout 3 - getting fps around 15-20ish in the races :*(
burnout 2 - running slightly better but still around 25-30 ish fps
gta vice city stories - massive fps drops for app 90% of the city map and not even talking renders....
GT4 - from what I read it's rather cpu consuming so I probably won't even attempt that.

There is some other great game series I want to test but I'm getting the feeling it's not gonna work out any better. (I tried to fiddle with some of the speedhack options etc but the outcome was'nt any satisfying)

As stated I'm playing on a laptop, AMD A-4 4300M APU 2.5g cpu with a Radeon HD7420G graphics card, 4GB RAM.
At first I was using the default plugin settings until I stumbled upon this

I reran the first installation setup using these settings and the outcome seems a bit better for e.g GTA and Burnout 3.

And yes I also read the official setup guide here on the forum,

Now call me a pc illiterate but I don't seem to be able to grasp what I might have setup wrong, and I believe my CPU is not the best suitable for running pcsx2 but not the worst either ....

So maybe someone can help me out here with some info what to do to get the games mentioned before running better or if I'm wrong and the lappy just isn't capable?

Sincerely hope that somebody can help me and maybe also suggest some great games for the PS2 that I have missed and can run smooth Blush

Many thanks in advance for reading the wall of text, and for any constructive input - and please for the love of god don't assume that I know anything about emulators, how they work or just what exactly does what - because I don't Sad



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A 2.5 Ghz AMD APU is definitely bad for PCSX2, especially when it is not quad-core.

If you want game suggestions, 2 come to my mind: Metal Slug and Half-Life. Other than these 2, I can hardly think of any game that runs smoothly on your laptop.
Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts probably aswell.
(04-02-2013, 10:06 PM)Livy Wrote: A 2.5 Ghz AMD APU is definitely bad for PCSX2, especially when it is not quad-core.

If you want game suggestions, 2 come to my mind: Metal Slug and Half-Life. Other than these 2, I can hardly think of any game that runs smoothly on your laptop.

I have played half life on ps2 before and it just isn't the same as on pc - still a great game from the selection of ps2 titles though and I guess I might try Metal Slug since I've never played it...

I wanted to get an SSX title aswell but I guess that's out of my leauge then?!?

(04-02-2013, 11:00 PM)StriFe79 Wrote: Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts probably aswell.

As I said, I'm like 65h into FFX and haven't even left luca yet lol....just need a lil break before I continue with it Laugh

And Kingdom Hearts surprisingly never made it into my favourites, but thanks for the suggestion anyway Happy
Most simple RPGs will at least be playable, though maybe laggy. I'll suggest to you what I suggest to most people with slower machines... change "time stretch" in the sound plugin to "async". What this does is make the music/sounds play full speed even when the game isn't running full speed. In RPGs especially it makes the whole experience feel smoother just because you don't have the audio tempo/pitch jumping all over the place. Of course, action/fighting games/etc are still going to be very hard to stomach.
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Metal Slug is a notable Neo-Geo title. In fact I first played it in 1999 or 2000, on the PS1. Both PS1 and PS2 versions are ports of the game.

Maybe Tetris games run fine on your laptop (i.e: Tetris World), but I cannot guarantee how much fun you'll have with it, lol...

I run God of War 2 on my Phenom II X4 @ 2.0 Ghz at constant full speed (at least in the first 2 hours playing) using MTVU and VU Cycle Stealing (2) hacks. You should give it a shot and playing around with MTVU, because it's effect is unpredictable with dual-core processor.
Markspencer: I hope that wad genuime and not a bot response....
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BackInTime you could try the persona games (Persona 3 and 4)
@Koji: Thanks for the sound tip, hopefully it looses the dissortions in burnout and gta Smile

@Livy I don't think I'm gonna play tetris on a ps2 emulator XD
I tried the VU cycle stealing option but didn't change anything....I also tried frameskipping but the games were still running slow and the flickering was unbearable...

Btw what is God of War like? Never heard of it until I googled some top 10 ps2 game charts lol...

@StriFe: Gonna try these out, thanks.

Surprisingly enough I was running GTA S.A. just fine last night, which makes me wonder why Vice City stories won't work Sad

Only had some minor sound issues with S.A but those might be solved now Smile

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