Newbie keyboard mapping questions
Please explain in the example of the God of war 2 - what does this symbol mean?

[Image: 0c5fd33c2539.jpg]

I don't have a pad, but it looks like a stick movement.
Can you translate into the virtual key mappings? How can I activate this from keyboard - do I need 2 buttons to be pressed?

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Im quite sure you can use the mouse as an analog stick with lilypad.
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I've tried already mouse without any luck.
Please translate this symbol into a list of virtual commands in the terms of pcsx2 configuration than need to be passed to the input of the emulator.
Well in the context of the game it means roll the left analog stick counter-clockwise, not sure how to do that offhand with just a keyboard. Search the forums for solutions to Lulu's overdrive in FFX, it used a similar stick movement. Pretty sure it boiled down to configuring the mouse as the analog stick.

In any case I'd suggest borrowing a joystick or gamepad from someone, GoWII relies heavily on analog stick stuff like that. Wired XBOX360 pads work great if you know someone with one laying around.
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in keyboard keep pressing these buttons in order.........

if u r asked to roll left analog stick counter-clockwise then press {left up right} keep pressing in the same order and u will be passed
Thank you. I have passed this... It took about 10 minutes of finger training. The most interesting part was where you need to constantly rotate the stick Smile

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