Newbie need help!
i just wanna to know why i can't start my games.

i had try to run using DVD(Metal Gear Solid 3) and also using iso file(marvel vs capcom 2) but i got this error in the log :
GIFTAG error, size exceeded VU memory size 3ff

can anyone tell me how to solve it?

here are my pc specs:

AMD Athlon XP 2000+ 1.67Ghz
1gb ram
Nvidia GeForce 6200 256mb

p/s:i loled at my spec..hehe
btw,thx in advance =)

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pcsx2 needs at least sse2
sorry your AMD doesnt support it
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Hey, I'm having a similar issue. As far as I can tell, the first problem (and only problem) I can recognize is the line that says, "GIFTAG error, size exceeded VU memory size 3ff" I have a Intel Pentium 4, which with a little googling, I'm assuming it has sse2. Any ideas?
It's not a similar issue, completely unrelated (CPU supporting SSE2 against one that doesn't) and that's not even an error line. I suggest you start your own thread posting your settings and full PC specs (including your graphic card) and explaining what's your issue.
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