[Newbie] need help with the program
Hey guys so i got this emulator, i downloaded it mostly because i wanted to play FFX on my pc, ive been looking all over the internet for videos and reviews from this program and some people with even good systems are having problems, ive seen videos on youtube with people running the games on 60 fps, anyways im gonna get to my point. How do i configure the program for MAX performance on my system wich u can see below, i mean any addons ? anything, just tell me how to get the best of this. Any help at all greatly appreciated, thank you. Oh yea and one more thing, im gonna be using a controler, a pc one that looks alike ps2 controler with the axis controler pads, and is there any specific mod to use controller like that if so then can u tell me that as well and again THX!
CPU : Pentium 4 [3.2ghz]
GFX card : Nvidia 6600 gt [256mb]
RAM: 2gb [800mhz]
OS : XP home edition sp3

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That's why this exists:

Read it and figure it out yourself...but don't expect miracle speeds with that system.
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aiit man thx Wink

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