Newer builds won't run..Help.
Hi folks, put 1.6 on, got the VC software, added that... 1.6 runs fine, so I thought I'd put the newer 1.7 builds on but they straight out just refuse to run. I'm on Win 7 X64 and I've tried 32 and 64 bit versions with the same issue.

Any idea's for to fix this, I've installed the X64 VC software just incase but so far if I start the process it's immediately terminated, The only AV I have running is Zone Alarm free and it's not showing any issues with it.

I used to run newer builds a while back but don't remember this issue and the machines has been fully reinstalled a couple of times since then.


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Win7 is not supported on the latest builds and nothing can be done
They dropped win7 support
Aha... Thanks for letting me know..

If MS has fixed that drive corrupting bug I may venture on to 10..

What drive corrupting bug? There's a lot of people on Windows 10 these days, if that was a problem, there'd currently be a huuuuuuuuuuge outcry. It sounds more like just making excuses.
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I think he means this one:
that was a year ago. big deal ...
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Then no Operating System is safe as they all have vulnerabilities and going out of your way to being hacked.
Instead of deciding I'm making excuses just search for the issue, there are threads on big tech sites galore. I had 10 on and lost a shed load of data across 3 drives, wanting to make sure it has been fixed by M$ is an important thing to do, unless you are an open headed moron who thinks MS are wonderful people. There's a HUGE number of people who still use Win 7 X64 that got savaged by MS with Win 8,1 and the early probs with 10 put a lot of folk off. I do own both OS's (yes, real non pirate versions) but losing data put me off staying on 10.

As for the emu not working on 7, if you look, I was just happy to be told what the score was, what the dev's do is up to them and I respect that as I do with all the emu's I deal with which is a lot. I'd rather work with a dev than piss them off, so as I don't pay for the emu I have no right to bemoan choices with dev'ing. Personally, cutting off 7 as long as it's for the reason that 10 offers better performance etc etc is expected, if it's just to add dark mode then not so good but it's a choice.

Am I missing out, not really, I have a large PS2 with HD sat a couple of feet from me, I use emulation as I don't have space to display all the machines I own.

As for there not being a huuge outcry re the bug, there was, shame you missed it, you could have been a victim of a serious bug you knew nothing about. Perhaps you should read more and stop taking pot shots at people who were not complaining about a thing...Sigh....
well, you had you answer, didn't you ?
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
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