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Newest PCSX2 and USB
1st attachment is the system information given by PCSX2
2nd is the configuration of the plugins. Anything other than GSnull driver asks for updates. However the updates refuse to be installed. I am using admin account.
3rd, is the picture of what happens if i try to run the FF12 cd. I use CDVD gigaherz and select the appropriate drive. I then set CDVD on the Plugin instead of ISO. Nd go to system--> boot CDVD

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What you get is normal with a Null GS plugin, it's not supposed to show anything.
Since the DX updater is not working, try installing the redistributable:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
(10-26-2011, 10:49 PM)Bositman Wrote: What you get is normal with a Null GS plugin, it's not supposed to show anything.
Since the DX updater is not working, try installing the redistributable:

Updated. Can now select a different video driver. But the game still fails to load.

Edit: FIxed. It still tells me that ELF failed to load though. But game still runs. Should I care?
Also, game runs kinda glitchy. WHile it shows full FPS, it has jerking sound and picture sometimes. I think i heard something before about fixing it, but i forget.

What i notice that drops low, is the GS (whatever it is). The FPS stay at around 60. So i am not sure why its slightly choppy.

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Press F5 until the shaking stops (changing interlace modes). I don't know what you mean ELF failed to load? Your picture shows a different problem and from what I see the game shouldn't run...anyway if you are able to, make an ISO image of the game using imgburn and run the ISO directly with the internal ISO reader of PCSX2
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Nah, disregard that picture. I forgot to point the plugin to my CD disk
But when i DO get the game to run, I get the ELF error in the text window.
Similar to the one thats in the post where I have 3 attackments (3rd attachment)
So i just wonder if I should be conserned that it "fails to load" or doesnt atart.
I wouldn't worry about the "ELF failed to load" in the log, I get that and it makes no difference to anything, it's just as if it tries to load it first before the iso I've selected...
P150HM (Branded "Mouse Computer") 15.6" 1920x1080 display
Core i7-2670QM 2.2Ghz
8Gb PC-10600 Memory
nVidia GeForce GTX 460m (1.5Gb GDDR5)
1Tb 9.5mm 5400rpm HDD
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Even after pressing f5, something makes my GS drop, and the game becomes kinda laggy... Also, the UI is sometimes low (usually when it lags).
Perhaps i missed some setting or some sort?
Im playing ff12
Your problems are probably simple, yet the way you point them and confusing screenshots showing something else than you ask about makes it hardTongue.

Soo from the start, what do you mean by "GS drop" GS% drops low? That's nothing bad, EE/GS% goes high only when needed. When any of it reaching 100% then you should worry as it shows your cpu is too weak for the game.

Lagging FF12 is what to be expected on what you have, from your screenshots it's clear your hardware is just some Turion x2 around 2ghz with some radeon, but probably considering it's a fairy weak laptop it's something integrated like 4200 or a bit higher from 4000 mobility series. Turion rather isn't a dream cpu to have for pcsx2 even if gpu could be enough for native.

Universal answer of using speedhacks and selecting "native" res in GSdx config is what you should probably start from, but don't really expect to play through whole FF12 on full fps in your system, and don't even dream about hd quality. That is unless you have different pc than the one you took screenshots from. FFXII isn't really the most demanding game ever, any decent, fairy new desktop with dedicated GPU should be enough to enjoy it, turion laptop simply is a bit off from that;P.
Too bad im on a desktop. Tongue
Doesn't change the fact it's just some weak turion x2 around 2ghz with some radeon which you don't wanna share the info aboutTongue. First thing that you should post having speed/lag problems is your hardware. Or read a guide and try some general suggestions for speed increase.

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