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It's been some time since the last news post so this will help bring everyone up to date with what we've been up to.

-For those of you who haven't heard, the latest SVN builds of PCSX2 have a new speed hack thanks to cottonvibes, named MTVU (multi threaded VU) which enables PCSX2 to use 3 threads now! (4 if you count the minor GUI thread). The speed hack has very high compatibility and provides a big speed boost in most games, especially for triple and quad core CPUs (but even on dual cores).

-We have a new page on our site, which you can view by clicking 'SVN' at the top menu. You will find the 20 latest SVN builds there, courtesy of Orphis' build bot so you will be always up to date with the bleeding edge changes in PCSX2! Do keep in mind that these builds might be a bit buggier than the official releases since they are all work in progress.

-The configuration guide has been updated for the 0.9.8 release (a bit late Tongue) and a new quick start guide has been created by avih aiming to be much more compact and easy to read. As always you can apply for translating in this thread. Check them both out!

-A new input plugin named Nuvee and developed by Shalma came to our attention, which is the first to support Lightguns and USB Mice! It seems it already works with almost all games supporting Lightguns so be sure to check it out HERE.

-New PCSX2 wiki hosted on our server, you can find it here!. With your input, the wiki will eventually become a huge knowledge base for individual game settings and known workarounds for bugs, so those of you willing, start contributing your findings Smile

-Our youtube channel already has over 150,000 video views and almost 2,000 subscribers! Smile You can visit it by clicking HERE.

Check out a small sample of our videos there (select 1080p for max quality):

That's all for now Smile
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Thanks for Updating the Configuration Guide. Smile And for mentioning the Buildbot SVN and the Nuvee Plugin too. Nice Update Smile
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The site SVN section turned out great Smile
yeah it is really great
Just tried out the latest SVN build with the MTVU hack enabled in MGS2 and MGS3; and it appears to solve all of the random slowdown I was experiencing before. Fantastic work. Smile
Anything that makes better use of triple/quad-core CPUs is surely a huge step forward for the emulator in general, major kudos!

Also the SVN page is indeed great. Really clear and simple.
Now I can only say: wow wow wow wow
I would like to try out the latest build but whenever I go to the Download page it only has up to R4968 T_T
That's the latest build.
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It says on the PCSX2 site that r4970 is the latest build
Well now it has builds up to r4970 at
If you don't see that your browser has a problem with caching I guess in which case you probably need to clear the cache.
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