Nice Speedup on AMD FX w/ 1.0 + small issue
long ago i posted my Upgraded system specs (AMD FX 4100 @ 3.8GHZ turbo Mode) (AMD Radeon HD 5750 (XFX Branded) (8GB DDR3-1333 Ram)

and i had alot of slowdowns in games like .hack (both "series") Dawn of Mana and KH 1 & 2 i tried the only game sofar i've had to make adjustments for from out of the box settings was Dawn of Mana (set by 1 on VU Cycle Stealing hacks) now only a few times i dip under 60FPS! Awsome update guys! (as well i get constant 60FPS now on FFX International!)

but the only thing i've noticed now on Dawn of Mana that i wasnt getting before "microVU Warning: First Instruction of block contains illegal opcode...
microVU1: Unknown Micro VU opcode called (8000033c) [3ab0]

and KH 1 crashed once when you have that play-fight in the verry begining with Riku.

i'm still using Windows 7 Ultimate x64 but i am using a slightly older AMD Catalyist driver version (11.12 {it solved alot of driver crashes i was having in 12.X with "Second Life"})

is that Op code warning something i can safely ignore or? and yes that shows up the moment the game's loadedand was before i did anything in the Speedhacks settings.

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If the game runs fine I'd say you can ignore it.
This is a problem with the game code that we need to work around. The warning is just there to tell us about when it happens.
As long as the workaround doesn't fail, the game should be stable..
well a few games like FFX International i can do with Livestream

an hr's of nearly constant 60FPS
(i did haveto to get 60FPS with Livestream going set EE Cyclerate hack to 3 but then again FFX never really used that much of the PS2's EE CPU.)

but this is a nice example of such a nice speed boost 1.0 gave to the FX Platform.
i have a amd fx 8120, and the performance is awesome.
i'm playing ffx-2 with fullspeed, no slowdowns, this 1.0 version give a huge boost in speed with this amd fx.
the FMV runs 60fps now.. thx pcsx2 team for this!!!Tongue

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