No Direct3D Acceleration?
Is it just me or theres really no direct3d/directx acceleration? Ive tryed 4 different plugins, everyone has Dx9 and Dx10 selections and stuff, shaders and all that stuff. No matter what settings i use, it keeps stressing my CPU on 99% and theres no graphic activity at all on my videocard. Is it supposed to be like this? Not sure but its kinda slow too. On shader 2.0 is about 10-15fps and on shader 3.0 its about 30 to vSync 60fps. No idea.

Specs should be shown in the signature. Thanks.
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If there is no 3D acceleration how come you are selecting DX9 DX10 and shaders....?

PCSX2 is CPU limited. Most of the games will max out your processor and only use a portion of your graphics card. Your processor is what is causing the slowdowns, it is probably not enough for the game you are trying.
Try setting a huge internal resolution in GSdx like 2000x2000 and see the GPU usage skyrocket.
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This is to be expected. PS2's gs interface works *much* differently from the higher level D3D interface used to emulate it. As a result, Pcsx2 tends to be CPU limited, even on games where the gs plugin is the limiting factor, as long as you have a nice graphics card, unless you crank up the resolution.
Well, i dont know why it is like that. ATI driver software also shows the activity of the card and when i run PS2 and Gran Turismo 4 for example then its pretty on 0%. But, PS2 graphics are still kinda graphic intense and it has to go over 1% atleast. It just stresses my CPU like hell. Cant really play tho. Maybe i got bad plugins? Not sure, got them somewhere. Maybe someone could share any graphics plugin? Not sure, maybe i heard somewhere that plugin sharing is not allowed in forum. Sorry if its not.

Im not afraid to burn up my CPU but i still take it as a risk when the CPU is on 99%. I can even see the fan speed increasing pretty much, but not hear (good cooler lolleh Tongue)
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Well, if you have such enthusiasm -- do write it yourself.
We don't support plugins or builds obtained from 'somewhere'. If you want support from us, download the builds from our site. You should try using the latest beta and plugins, that's the latest you can get. GT4 is a very intense game so you should give another game a try. Sounds like ATI tools doesn't detect the usage, it happens since PCSX2 is not an application the tools expect to use D3D stuff. Check the temps of your graphics card and you'll see that they will rise (considering you've used a large internal resolution as I suggested to cause load on the card).

PCSX2 will always stress your CPU to the limit. If you feel uncomfortable with that don't use it...
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Make sure you didnt set a (Software) renderer, try hitting the "native" checkbox and down/up-date your GSdx to the 1406 revision might help you...

oh and dont use Vsync.

Also as Bositman mentioned before use a big internal resolution like 4096x4096 and see if it's still not using your gpu at all ;<
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As I said, a PS2's GS is a lot different from your ATI card. The GS basically just renders pixels in a very low-level manner (Depends on the PS2's funky pixel ordering, doesn't do any 3D transforms, just draws pixels and sprites).

GSDX spends a ton of time re-ordering data before sending it to the graphics card. Every time data is uploaded to the GS (Which happens a lot more than it generally does with a PC video card - PCs have a lot more video RAM), or moved around the emulated graphics memory, there's a huge amount of overhead because the pixels have to be reordered. Emulation and moving data around is what takes all the time, not the actual standard graphics processing stuff.

As evidence of this, quite a while back, one minor optimization to a particular pixel ordering reordering routine, for copying only one of the PS2s ~10 different pixel formats, resulted in a 30%+ speedup. In the one or two games that were limited largely by that one function. Anyways...just take it on faith, basic drawing and texturing triangles is *not* what makes PCSX2 slow.
Well, hardware rendering works better for me. On hardware my cpu stays on about 5% to 20% and graphic card is on 5% too. But, i cant use sound now, if i use it then it crashes or either has fps of about 15fps or something like that. Tryed different sound plugins tho. Also, the newest GSdx plugin removed some weird stripes of my screen/window wich is quite good and it improved the quality, clean picture. Even if blend is off. But basically, it may just be a incompability issue i guess. Tekken5 works pretty fine actually, but still i cant use sound.

Also, i tryed to select 2 software rendering threads but then it loads up the stuff and then freezes up on black screen. But on the commandline i see packets and stuff still going. Weird.
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Not weird. If you set 2 threads for software rendering, you starve pcsx2 of cpu time. The emu thread basically halts.

"30%+ speedup. In the one or two games that were limited largely by that one function. "
^ You mean when xenosaga2 went from 20 to 260fps? xD

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