No Lightgun support on pCSX2? :(
To start - how good is this emulator!! Just found can upscale games to 1920x1200 - makes his my fave emulator of the moment!

However, despite searching and trawling, can't find any way to get lightguns working on PCSX2 - what a waste!

Have Tried nuvvee - damned if I can get it working.

Got two aimtrak lightguns (simulate mouse). Tried altering lillypad settings - no joy. Nuvee - no joy. I have read this post:

So.. in brief - does PCSX2 support dual usb lightguns or not?

Thanks folks.

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i always thought lightguns only worked with crt's,
Nope. You can get usb lightguns that work with sensor bar and camera in the gun - e.g. Aimtrak.
Hmmm... from looking through various threads on this issue, they all seem to end up in a no-answer cul-de-sac. I'm guessing that there's no way to get usb light guns to work on PCSX2. Sad

Such a shame - this is the best emulator I've used so far and to not have light gun support seems to be missing a trick, especially as some of the best titles in this genre only available on ps2.
So, you can't map a lightgun to the mouse?
Is there a mouse-mode for lightgun games?
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Tried this JTD - without much success. From memory - my aimraks are recognised by lillypad frontpage - and when click test - finds buttons, but doesn't register x,y raw for gun 'pointers.' This DOES work/register in other emulators. Think it DOES do x,y raw for the actual mouse, though.

Also tried mapping l-stick and d-pad to x,y on the mouse. Did register mouse x,y against, but in games, mouse moved crosshairs slowly. The gun pointers DID'NT move the crosshairs. ON mapping guns to d-pad etc - If try this with moving gun 'pointer' - just doesn't register as an input.

Also tried the nuvee plugin. Again, didn't work - tried via pc mouse + also via G-con. Also, even if movement/trigger did work, no way to set buttons on gun to start/coin etc...

It's the missing piece in my 1st arcade cab build puzzle. Sad
So out of the whole pcsx2 community - no-one knows whether pcsx2 can use usb lightguns or not? :o
ehh... first of all i don't believe dual guns would work. you only have one mouse cursor to control and to route into the plugin. and i think something in the plugin is missing to calculate the correct screen position from relative mouse movement. or the other way (it's confusing). perhaps that's why it's moving slow in that case it worked. it's plain wrong emulated.

can't help it. i doubt the developers would buy a lightgun and some games just to implement that gimmick. *shrugs*
Yeah - I truly appreciate what these guys are doing with this emulator - it is a great piece of kit + the upscaling just makes it wizard.

A lot of other emulators can, however, do usb lightguns based on mouse readings, and also do dual lightguns with the right plugins (e.g. Sega MOdel 2 with TroubleShooter software + HOD 3 on pc)

It seems a shame because one of the fantastic things about emulation is that it allows games to be put in contexts that they weren't designed for (e.g. arcade cabs on console games). And lightgun games are a great niche of gaming history. The PS2 also has some great lightgun games. So some may view it as a gimmick, but others as based on the true principles of emulation.

However, ty for your reply xstyla - adds to the discussion.
just cause i'm not satisfied.

have you tried to setup the gun with the mouse button in the lily plugin config. it eats pretty much all the axis and the buttons on it. i will have some to test soon. but you could try for yourself. if that gun is setup and calibrated correct it should basicly function like a mouse. even being input as a ps2 mouse control. thus working. that's the basic idea. Smile

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