No. No no no
Do not store files in Users\Documents. ***** everything about this, keep to your own directory.

Somebody fix this emulator and stick an ini file in there to set them manually.

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Download the binary version then. Fix your eyes instead of the emulator.
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And why the ***** does the emulator keep changing the properties of the entire \memcards directory to compressed? THIS IS NOT 1990 AND I HAVE MORE DISK SPACE THAN 500MB. Stop ***** around with my computer just because I installed your program.
Are you retarded? Firstly there is an option to turn that off in the memcard manager, but oh wait you're too busy bitching here instead of reading the configuration guide to know the settings you can use.
Second, it is not ***** around with your computer, it is saving you disk space WITH NO COST WHATSOEVER. Many people keep dozens of memory cards and having them at 1/3 the size they would take is something everyone wants, since there are no drawbacks.
Start minding your tone, using this program is a privilege not a right, so if you don't like it you are welcome to never use it again and stfu.
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Don't worry about it, already uninstalled. But thanks for the response.
Cool, hope to not see you around Tongue
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What an ass..
(12-10-2011, 01:59 PM)rama Wrote: What an ass..

I don't think so.
an ass can be useful, he's not.
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Lol Tongue2
HDD prices are through the roof, of course you want to compress everything!

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