No Sound, Please Help
Hello, I installed 1.4.0. Everything runs great but I have no sound.

I have tried all the different modules and even switched the sound plugin. Nothing works Sad(

Tested other programs to see if they have sound, and they do. Only PCSX2 doesn't work.

Running windows 10 64 bit.

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in the future, please provide details of you system specs, even though in this case I don't think it'll be needed, do you actually 5.1 surround sound? and I recommend putting the interpolation setting on...I believe number 2 setting (simple/okay) and the SYnc mode to async mix, I use that and it sounds a lot better in-game. In any case, do fresh download of PCSX2 and check your hardware is working correctly such as speakers
It might be worth changing the output module to XAudio2, or if that fails, Portaudio (and configuring Portaudio to use WASAPI Exclusive Mode with the Configure button under the module selection box). XAudio2 is the recommended module and I've never had any issues with it, but I've seen suggestions to switch to Portaudio and enable WASAPI exclusive mode if for some reason XAudio2 doesn't work.

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