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No Video Mobile Intel 945 in HW Mode
(08-08-2012, 06:55 PM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: gma 950 uses a different chip to the 945, so its not really comparable.

however, from all the testing i've done lately, there isn't an intel graphics chip that doesn't have problems in some way, with gsdx.

Actually, with the latest HD 3xxx and HD 4xxx series there are no real issues (wow), I haven't encountered -atleast personaly- any so far. The only problem was the bottlenecking which seems that it got pretty like fixed with the newest patch by Intel. Well nothing to be compared with a dedicated card, but atleast from now on it's not that bad at all if your CPU is good enough and you can survive without any crazy resolutions etc. Actually I find more frustrating the bugs between Nvidia and ATI/AMD based cards which conflict with eachother when trying to patch a card sprecific problem which may break something else in the other. There should be a standarization in OpenGL and DirectX implementations (like pixel shader) between those companies that restricts them releasing stuff that are incompatible with stuff that are compatible with the other and stop this tricky war. I'm sad to see people reporting that they have problems with a game and seeing it's a common fault of the manufacturer. This has to stop :/

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even the SB/IB HD graphics have a number of precision issues that effect GSDX in a variety of ways.

most easily replicated is the complete lack of shadows in Xenosaga 1 and 2
(08-08-2012, 07:48 AM)Drexal Wrote: I get no video with Mobile Intel 945 Graphics chipset when in Direct3d9 Hardware mode. Can anyone help. The Only Error msg I see is

C:\Program Files\PCSX2 1.0.0\resource(1671,15): error X4532: texlod not supported on this target

Don't know if That has something to do with it, can anyone help?

Ok, so i wanted to play REZ and i had the EXACT same thing, because i have the EXACT same card in my laptop, ive only been using the emulator for about ten minutes, so i came in search of answers, and ABDO123s sugestion of changing from hardware to software sounded good, so i went and hit the Config tab, selected Plugin/BIOS Selector and configured the GSdx9 to Direct3d9(software) and it worked like a charm, i have everything else set at thedefault settings, so this is the only thing ive had to change. and so far REZ has been playing spot on.
ok so, when i said it played spot on, i meant i actually had a picture, as opposed to just a black screen in HW mode, the only thing about playing it with the cpu and not the graphics card was that i got a little bit of slowdown. now REZ isnt exactly graphics heavy, which is why i picked it to test the emulator, and if REZ slowed down a bit, then i dont know how bad it would be for something like say, MGS snake eater. im just glad i got a picture. i might try silent hill 2 next, n see how that goes, what with the amount of shadow play in that game.

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