No Widescreen?
I'm kind of disappointed that now, since I can finally play FFXII and KH2 at decent framerates, that Zero's graphic's plugin no longer supports widescreen - just fullscreen. (I have an AMD processor, and for whatever reason, GSDx doesn't want to work very well on the new 9.6 version of PCSX2)

Was luxury sacrificed for better capability here, or what?

I'm just curious.

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what's the error that pcsx2 gives when you try to use gsdx? Unsure
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
yeah, i have an amd and been using 9.6 sence it came out, and havent had a prob with gsdx.
must be a bad option on you have on/off somewhere. post screens of your settings and your speccs
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