No backgrounds Okage Shadow King
So I got Okage Shadow King to finally work, but when I play the background is black, and the screen is jittery. I'm using ZZ ogl PG 0.1.0 graphics and my macbook is a retina with 2.6GHz i7. I have specular highlights on, none of the game fixes are activated, and the EE sync hacks along with the VU cycle stealing (speed hacks) are turned to the far left. The result is below.

Can anyone help or is the emulator just not compatible with this game? :/


I also get some weird things repeat of the press start button just when I'm in the main menu.

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Pressing F9 just gave me a white screen with ZZOgl-PG on the top, so that's a no go (posted a picture as well). I got the background to finally come up by turning on the "Disable alpha testing" feature on the graphics section, but there is some sort of image burn from screen to screen (see picture posted).
F9 switches to software mode in the windows version.
that's why he suggested that, and that's why I deleted it (Guess he/she didn't see it was the mac section)
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