No cheats found. Resuming execution without cheats...
Hello, a friend of mine and me have ran into a weird problem, we can't use the widescreen cheat for Persona 3 nor Persona 4.

I could in both games before reformatting my hard drive. But now, I can't. If I use another .iso, such as MGS3 (for which I also have a widescreen hack), it works just fine.

This is the one I'm using for P3:

Enable cheats is ticked
PCSX2 is installed in Program Files (x86) on C:\
.pnach files in Cheats folder (inside PCSX2 folder), with the following names: 94A82AAA.pnach (for P3), DEDC3B71.pnach (for P4).

Why don't they suddenly work?

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