No controller response, no LilyPad plugin on Ubuntu
I'm on Ubuntu 20.04 and installed pcsx2 from apt (PCSX2 1.5.0-0)
There's no response from my USB controllers (Rock Candy Nintendo Switch Controllers)
The only plugin available is OnePad, Lilypad is not installed.
There's not a plugin folder anywhere in the installed locations (again APT foolishness I'm guessing)
All the plugins are inĀ /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/pcsx2
I can't seem to find a download for the linux plugin. I tried to compile from git but that immediately gives errors.
Can't seem to find any thorough howto to compile on current versions of Ubuntu and from what I've found in this forum it's always been complicated?
Also the download link on the forum for LilyPad goes to a Windows dll, and the source link is a deleted page on Google Code.

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Can you post the emulog, any info/logs that onepad pastes will be useful.
I actually just figured it out minutes ago.
I had to install/run AntiMicro to generate a controller mapping string and add it to onepad.ini
Now I'm wondering where to submit the string to the devs.

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