No difference in performance between DX9 and DX10 or ZeroGS in budokai 3
Hey guys i was testing out DragonballZ Budokai 3 (not tenkaichi 3) on PCSX2 and i get a very stable 38-42 FPS (PAL) which is not bad but not that great either for a fast fighting game. I didnt want to "revive" the old thread as i heard that was wasent a good thing to do...
Anyway , when i change between DX9 Hardware and DX10 hardware or ZeroGS, there is absolutely no performace benefit, which is very strange....With all three i get about 38-32 FPS and i was hoping DX10 would bring it up but it didnt....

Here is my setup:
nVidia Geforce 8500gt 512mbNinja
2 Gig ram
Intel Dual Core 2 ghz each
Windows Vista with DX10 installed

My PCSX2 Setup:
1] Direct X10 Hardware
2] Native res
3] Only Logorithmic Z and Alpha Correction checked, the others are unchecked..
Speed Hacks
1] X2 Cycle Rate
2] INTC and IOP hacks
3] Vu Cycle Stealing set to moderate
1] Frameskip, with MTSG on

So if anybody could help me with this, not sure why DX10 and DX9, both hardware, give me the exact same performace, even with ZeroGS....
Thanks in advance!Cool

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well, most likely your cpu is the limiting factor then. also, keep in mind that there is no universal speed difference between dx9 and dx10 in pcsx2, quite some games do in fact run faster in dx10, but some run more or less equal and others are even faster in dx9. so the difference depends both on your game and your hardware.
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it's possible for graphic cards to support dx10 but still be not good enough to run at decent speed. Don't mean that this is that case but there that chance.
C2D E6550 @ 2333 Mhz oc 3010 Mhz vcore 1.2750v | HD2600XT | P5KC | 1 + 1 GB G.Skill 6400HK 860
Ok thanks a lot then, dang that CPU lol...well there is not much i can do then, its probably best to maybe wait for an update on PCSX2, maybe the next build will work or somethin..thanks!

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