No directx10 in 3113?
Hi, I just made the change from 1881 to 3113, and it seems I have no Direct3D10 available under any of the GSdx plugins, all I have available is Direct3D9 and Null modes. Is this intentional (the removal of directx10 support), or is something wrong? Maybe I have an outdated GSdx plugin, mine is version 3068. Where can I find the latest GSdx plugin?

Here is my specs if it helps:
Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit
[email protected]
4gb ram@667mhz

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You should check if your DirectX is up to date and if you are unsure use the PCSX2 0.9.7 web installer, it installs everything you could possibly need for the emulator to run.
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Also, be sure to have service pack 2 to install the latest directx update.
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It seems I have SP1 installed, I can swear I had installed SP2 a while ago... Oh well, I will install it right now, followed by the web installation of 3113. I will post back with results. Any other suggestions are welcome though!
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Thanks Shadow Lady for the link, SP2 did nothing but at least it prepared me for you post. I will try it out, hopefully it works!

Update: Yeah, its working now. As Shadow's link states, if you are having this issue you need to install SP2, run Windows Update, and finally install DirectX. Thanks a lot!

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