No .exe file
Hi everybody...

I searched the forums, didn't find anything, so here is my problem:

i downloaded the .rar file from the /download site and unpacked it, but there is no .exe file in it.
Only a pcx2 file without a file extension. So i renamed the pcx2 file to pcx2.exe and tried to start it. Only thing happens: a really short pop up window from MS-DOS appears, but only for a very short moment and that's all. There is no process in the tab list.

I am using Vista 32bit.

Help please,

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From where did you download pcsx2(there are no .rar's in the pcsx2 download selection...only .7z and .gz)

You are right, sorry, it's been a .7z.

edit: quite obviously i'm a stupid ***** and i downloaded the linux version
Sorry about wasting your time.
Download that file only in pcsx2 website or in this forum.
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(04-11-2009, 11:28 PM)Sinsali Wrote: Here:

You are right, sorry, it's been a .7z.

That's for Linux not Windows

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