No input (even keyboard) in Shadow of the Colossus or Tekken
My gamepad works fine in everygame except Shadow of the Colossus or Tekken 5. Tried everything even just a regular keyboard but the game doesn't register anything.

I would guess it's a known issue, anyone knows a fix?

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As I test more games, there is more affected. They just don't register any input even the keyboard.

Using PCSX2 1.4.0
LilyPad 0.11.0
Windows 10
BIOS USA v02.00
My gamepad is a DX uRage Gamepad, I wonder if that is the problem. Just booting Prince of Persia 3 shows the message "The dualshock2 analog controler is not detected. Please insert a dualshock2 analog controller into controller port 1."

I have other games that works with this gamepad though.
Same problem with a "DX TURBO PAD" and a "DX Twin USB Joystick" which uses a real PS2 controller.
A game that I know was working with my gamepad, wasn't anymore. So I use "Config / Clear all settings...", reset everything and now my controller work.

If in doubt, reset everything!

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