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No interlacing codes
Hi asasega!

Awesome idea with this no interlacing codes. Any chance for Shaolin Monks NTSC (Game CRC = 0x455DD546)? Tried to make my own cheat for this but It was a glorious defeat Wink Game is really blurry and really needs this patch since it doesn't support progressive scan

Happy New Year Smile

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Hey man. I want to thank you again for the Ace Combat 0 Code. It's been fantastic and I noticed something interesting. Ace Combat 4 and 0 suffer from no drawbacks. Only Ace Combat 5 suffers from a few problems. The FMVs in Ace Combat 5, suffers from severe reduction in framerate. They go from 60 fps, to 24 fps. Whats more, software mode becomes completely scrambled. I noticed there are only 2 interlacing fix codes for AC5 unlike AC4 and AC0. Could the no interlacing codes for AC5 be incomplete? I'm just wondering since neither AC4 nor AC0 suffers from this.
Rocky [SLUS 20559] (U)

This game suffers from very disturbing interlacing during the fights and this patch really helps.

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