No me guarda el PCSX2
Hello Good Morning, Listen It is To tell you if you can help me with something, I explain: What happens is the PCSX2 I have it on a USB and my mother has computers that do not save downloaded files is to say that your downloads something and the other day when I turn off the computer is not, the case is that I play in PCSX2 The Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection but every time I have to save it appears (gzipThread) Data saved to disk without error.

and when the computer is turned off and I put the USB into the computer to open the pcsx2 I get everything from the beginning, the games are not saved and neither the plugins nor Bios is saved, that is, every day I have to do everything from the beginning
So what can be done there?
Help me please: c

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Make a blank portable.INI file next to your pcsx2.exe
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