No sound?
20 minutes ago I finally got PCSX2 for mac working Laugh so I took my own copy of Final Fantasy X, ripped it to the mac using toast titanium, got a .toast file, changed that to an .iso file, and ran it with the emulator. Final Fantasy X loaded and played, but there was no sound....What am I doing wrong? Should I be ripping it another way?

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Well, I managed to get some sound by changing the sound configuration from SPU2null 0.8.0 to the newer ZeroSPU2 0.4.6, the sound is kind of choppy, but it does work, so most definitely can't complain about that.

I'm also getting these two annoying errors (that don't seem to be affecting me though)

ZZogl: Failed to create bitmask texture; ZZogl: bitmask cache; 0 ZZogl: Invalid enumerator
ZZogl: Shader file version is outdated! Only is log-Z possible

I have no idea what the first line is about, but does line 2 have anything to do with selecting "No logarphmic Z" in the graphics advance options?
those two lines are expected, just ignore them
Ok, thanks!

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