No sound
Hello, my brother has the same config that I have in my pc and he has no sound with pcsx2 games.
He is using SPU2 - X and has all unchecked.

Any idea?

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go to plugins selector screen. then configure spu2-x. go to module section. it is possible ur brother has 'no sound' option selected. change that to 'x-audio 2' or 'directsound'
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No, he has "Portaudio (crossplatform)" selected
(02-23-2014, 06:48 PM)Toaro Wrote: No, he has "Portaudio (crossplatform)" selected

Well still try and change it to the ones suggested above.
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I didn't read that part, my fault, sorry.

Solved, he changed the option to x-audio2 and it works

Thank you
I did have a similar problem after playing with the new version (1.2.1). I thought at first "OK, WASAPI is a new feat in SPU2-X, so it's on?". Checked the config, Portaudio was selected, clicked on Configure, yep, WASAPI was on. I tried Exclusive Mode, sound worked after that.

Normally you'd probably want XAudio2 though, especially if you're listening to music, on skype, etc. But, if you want WASAPI and sound isn't working, try Exclusive Mode. If it still don't work, you're SOL. Use XAudio2 or Directsound.

Quick question: Ever tried implementing ASIO support in the SPU2-X plugin?
ASIO is something we wanted but it is copyright of Steinberg, so wed have to buy a license to use it.
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