No text on full boot browser
So, I need to get into the browser to format a memcard I created. However when I full boot, all the text options are completely blank.

For reference this is on the latest GIT (1210-g7103707)

System specs are in my Sig and Video card is a GTX 1080.
Nvidia Driver version: 368.81

[Image: P1EATo8.png]
[Image: sEf37nO.png]
[Image: Wgftt1r.png]

Edit: Tried going into software mode, text still non-existent.
Edit 2: Direct11 mode also has non-existant text.

Edit 3: So I made a change to one of my speedhacks (EE clock rate was set to 2: Increase 180%) and that seems to have been the cause. When I returned it back to default 0 text has re-appeared.

While this might be useful information, I have solved my own problem and this thread may be closed.

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[Image: c9hit5-2.png]

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Thanks for sharing, speedhacks are known to cause issues with the text amongst the devs, hopefully this will help somebody else one day.
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