No video
Whenever i boot the PS2 Emulator i hear the start up sounds but no video.
Controller input works fine too, just no video.

I have tried All of the video plugins to no avail. What is it that im doing wrong?

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what are you doing wrong?
asking for help without providing any useful information like the machine specs (CPU model and video card at least), the emu version, and screenshots of the configuration windows.

A few more informations would be useful, like show the emu the BIOS image when no disc (or ISO) is being used?
Which game are you trying to play?
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I have a quad core 2.3 GHz AMD Phenom
4 gigs of ram
A Nvidia G100 512mb graphics card.

Im running the PCSX2 0.9.7.r3113, Official beta
Im trying to use the US v2.00 BIOS image.

Im trying to run Fatal Frame which according to your compatability list works perfectly.

Currently trying to boot the emulator with no disc shows a black screen with only the ps2 boot audio and menu sounds.

Started a new game of Fatal Frame blindly so the emu does actually work just the video is not shown.
What is the video plugin are you using and how you configured it?

If not even the BIOS image is shown... or the BIOS was incorrectly dumped or the video plugin is wrongly configured... Maybe you are using even the GSnul plugin, what would explain you don't get any image.

Had you given us that information as already asked and the solution would be far more advanced by now...

Anyway both your CPU and Video card barely satisfy the minimal hardware necessary, but not so to explain the actual issue.
Imagination is where we are truly real
Try updating your DirectX:
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I think card supports pixel shader 2.Is it?
make sure the iso image or DVD is not the problem.
just use different image and if it work,then the problem might be in the image file.
just my opinion.
and it will be good if you tell us the operating system you were used.

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