No way to make Fatal Frame 2 NTSC-J working?
Almost all fatal frame series revived since r2635, thanks for the long time spu2-x bug fixed.

However, there's still one game left behind and get stuck whenever reaching ingame cut-scene. Fatal Frame 2 NTSC-J.

I'm personally quite curious as both us and jpn version of this game seems using same engine. But then us version is working perfect now and jpn version still having sound problem.

Was trying to play around some tweaking of 2368 SPU2-X but nothing seems working, so does anyone care to share some better idea or any other way to make this game working, sorry if i sound selfish because i'm chinese and i like japanese voice actor more.Thanks for any reply.

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just use 0.9.7 beta.... from what i see you use something old
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(06-09-2010, 08:24 PM)iakoboss7 Wrote: just use 0.9.7 beta.... from what i see you use something old

Thanks, i've managed to complile latest svn myself, but this game still just not working, even on r3188 by now.

I was saying about r2365 because that was the first spu2-x that fixed all fatal frame fames but one.And untill now, still remains the same.

Really running out of idea..
I wish I knew what was wrong, but I have no idea. The fix for the US version doesn't work in the Japanese because the iop module that required the SPU2 behaviour in question is actually buggy in the original Japanese game. The code that shut off voices on a certain condition is completely unreachable in the original version (nothing short of breaking iop itself would result in the code ever being executed, it's simply a mathematically impossible condition), and they fixed this before or during localisation. So we're left with "it's something else".
Thanks for the reply, Sudonim. Yes i know that fix was like a miracle, out of nowhere.Read your commit logs on r2638 many times.

And it was a real great achievement, no doubt about it.
Really appreciated your guys hard work, coz coding is such a boring job and you don't get paid for it.

I am grateful that i can still enjoy the US version of FF2 , which it won't happened before if it without devs effort, thanks again.

Do take your time, and enjoy coding=)

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