Nobunaga Iron Triangle - d3d internal resolution - ghost effect
Hi there,

I am running Nobunaga Ambition on PCSX2 beta and 0.96.

Games run perfect but I am having bad ghost effects on text (and half of the game is text based) when I dont run in native resolution.

Does anyone know if there are resolution I can set to "minimize" the ghost effect ? what I have noticed is that the higher the resolution is, the tougher the ghost effect is.

I am wondering if there is a way to find the "right" d3d internal resolution.

Any thoughts ?

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PS2 games were made with a given resolution in mind, so certain games do it while others don't. I'm afraid we'll have to either deal with the ghosting effect or play in native resolution until it gets fixed. If it ever does, that is — I have no idea if it's fixable.
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Well, for example nobunaga ambition internal resolution (native) is 640*448.

If I set a multiplier of this resolution, shoud I get better results than if I set 1024*1024 ?

Im trying to know if it is possible to minimize this ghost effect by playing with the internal resolution (?)
Yeah you might,but it can only be done by trial and error,there is no 'rule' per say to somehow guess which resolutions will give you a better output
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Ok thx, will give feedback if it works out

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