Non Solid fps
Ive been trying to get a solid fps on tekken 5 while maintaining full speed but it always drops heres my config fps limit etc:
Pcsx2 0.9.7 [3878] (for better Vu stealing)
EE-all default
Vu-Super Vu on both no clamping everything else default
Speedhacks-Vu skip x2 everything else default
Gsdx-Pal native allow 8 bit (adds 5-15 fps for 2D backgrounds(Trees etc))
Spu2-Lowest quality sound 50 ms asura mix (i use bass boost etc it doesnt sound bad then and it gives a few fps)
Since we asume that tekken 5 with vu skip is full speed at 70-80 fps i run it at 87fps however it isnt constant ( solid ) it ussualy drops to 80 fps when EE reaches 95%+ and that happens often is there any way to keep it constant other than using the 300Mhz of my cpu (my temps go from 75-80(Still good for a M i5) to (80-88 err till 90 is safe for i5 but still).
Good and bad stages:
Final stage 2 - solid 93 fps ALWAYS
Final stage 1 - almost solid 90
Acid rain - worst stage speed 75-(85 on the back of the stage)
Polar paradise - 80-87 fps
Poolside - the left courner of the map from start point has major lag i think u need a C2D at 4 ghz to run 60 in that spot 75-87 fps
Moonlit wilderness - not bad 82-87 fps
Waterfall - great 84-87 fps
Burning temple - 78-87 fps
Cathedral - almost solid 87 fps
if i forgot any other theyre 80-87 fps
Pcsx2 set on both cores high
every other including svhosts and stuff are on core 1 Low
well thats it i would like to have a solid 85 fps + if theres a way to do it

EDIT:Is there any way to make pcsx2 go over 100% EE or make it able to use more cpu load lets say 60/60 or 70/70 then i wouldnt have this problem.
Friendly advice: Guys is it safe to keep my i core when playing tekken at 80 to high 80s when people say its safe and for some the support says its ok till 105 which is its ThermalJunction Max
I5 430M HD5730M 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz.

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no support for versions older than 0.9.8
Oh cmon k ill put it this way everything is the same in 0.9.8 exept there is more fps drop on transparent walls now can you awnser my questions?
It would still be good for 0.9.8 to run solid
I5 430M HD5730M 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz.
Dude, you are literally asking for absolute perfection from an emulator.

First off, if your system isn't strong enough to always achieve that 85fps you want, then that's your problem to fix.

The EE% could not possibly use more than 100% of your hardware. On that note, nothing can use more than 100% of what it has.

Running your CPU in the 80c range is certainly not recommended for the lifetime of your hardware.

You could adjust the famelimit to be whatever FPS you want. Again, this will not give you more FPS, but will stop it from exceeding your desired maximum.
(07-27-2011, 07:33 PM)kestasme Wrote: Since we asume that tekken 5 with vu skip is full speed at 70-80 fps

Bad assumption, better reduce the VU cycle stealing speedhack and just keep it at 60FPS.

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I know that CPU can't rightfully run Tekken 5 at full speed, but in the eyes of the beholder, or whatever. lol

The fake FPS from hacks may fool some, but I could never mistake 60fps with this one. Smile
Well thanks for the advice but i actually can run a solid 87 fps and a bit higher with 2,5Ghz i just wanted to know if there was an way to use less cpu power for that stable 87 fps Biggrin
EDIT: the "100%" is only 50% of each core so its actually only using half of the load it could ^^
EDIT: Yes i first thought that 60 fps is the full speed and turned on Vu stealing and played for bout 2 weeks or so on that speed but you all know that it was "choppy" and slow.After the 2 weeks i increased it to 65 and every few days to 70, 75 then i thought 75 was full speed (it could of been PAL fullspeed but i wanted more Tongue) then i started to go to 87 and in my thoughts and comparing my ps2 to the pc it seemed almost equal so even with minor Vu stealing it should be something like 60+ for PAL and 70+ for NTSC
I5 430M HD5730M 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz.
^seems like another case that think FPS counter is always correct.
(Wonder if you would belive I have 6000 fps if I would show a screenshot from a build showing fps multiplied by 100. O.o)

60 fps choppy? = False reading... simple? Most likely by that VU stealing speedhack or generally a weak GPU that doesn't even take native:[(something made in chi... I mean intel?). Means you never had those 60fps for real, same for your "87". >.>
100%EE being just 50%? Huh false reading again(or an user who press esc closing emulation to check cpu load;]). Eventually yet another turbo boost problem in overheating mobile i5? 80C isn't soo little in modern CPU's... such temps maybe were normal for older architecture especially some fail series, but now lots of hardware throttle at such or even lower temps. Wouldn't be suprised with that:].

Wow FPS reading and/or EE/GS % can be wrong? No way? Hmm actually it's not soo rare with low-end setups:].
That version works much better with Tekken 5 and Soul Calibour 3 than the newer version. Solid 60 fps most of the time.

I have a slightly better GPU (450 GTS) and an i3 at 3.3 Ghz, not overclocked at XP

Plus green lines do not appear on 2D fighters when texture filtering is enabled.
Also with 1200 custom resolution no lines appear in Tekken and SC at all. No matter what I set in the newer builds, I had vertical lines, except native.

I think I'll stick to this version for playing the games that run OK
Oh right heres a video of compiled title battles:

Do you think i need to slow it down or speed it up or leave it at this speed 87fps ? Cuz i cant see much difference now from the original. Tongue

PS:sorry for the crappy sound quality but i recorded it from my phone.
I5 430M HD5730M 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz.

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