Non-netplay game Online
Because I have been requested to create a new thread for this. Has anyone managed to get any sort of non netplay game working via PCSX2? Ex: Dokapon Kingdom has no built in netplay function, but I've heard of being able to play it over the internet via PCSX2.

Many thanks to all that can assist! Laugh

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Can you please state more precisely what you want? To me it sounds like you want to play a non-multiplayer game in multiplayer... How should that work?
I think he wants to play a 2 player game over the internet. 2 player as in 2 people in the same room on the same TV normally. But some other emulators allow this through e.g. kailerra. I don't think there is any way to do this in PCSX2 though.
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Ah now I get it. Somebody already tried that. Best solution was IIRC using teamviewer. But depending on your internet connection (speed and ping) you can have low fps (at full speed) or high input latency. But I think it was still okay. (Latency low, fps ~25 on the remote machine)

Teamviewer exists in a portable version. Testing it takes only a couple of minutes. The idea is to map the keys for the local player to the controller/joystick/pad and the remote user uses keyboard strokes (since gamepad-input is not supported if I remeber correctly).

The local player should be the one with the better internet connection/upload.
A guy started a non official build that allowed it long ago.
But it has been stopped for long
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The TeamViewer works like a charm! Thanks guys and gals!
(06-17-2014, 03:39 AM)wormyxl Wrote: The TeamViewer works like a charm! Thanks guys and gals!

Does it? Please explain, because unless your friends live extremely close to you I'd expect significant lag in a program like Team Viewer.

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