OK I don't have any questions about bios or anything I have been In front of my PC for 4 1/2 hours trying to get FF VII to play on PSX2. I get the emulator to open and start the ps2 screen and I have a FF VII rom I just cant get the damn thing to work it locks my computer up every time I have gone through three different rom files trying to get the thing to work. I read the guides on multiple web sights and have and watched you tube videos till my eyes bled can someone give me a idea of what my noob ass is doing wrong.

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#2're using a PS2 emulator to play a PS1 game. If you want to play PS1 games, use a PS1 emulator.
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FF7 is for PS1


is it DoC:FF7(PS2)
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You can try the original PCSX emulator, or give ePSXe a shot. PCSX2 does not offer support for PSX games currently. And when you say rom files, you mean ISO's you downloaded, or the original discs?
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