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I am um a noob... And i want to know why i keep getting FPS drops on Dark Cloud 2 and Zone of the Enders.. Dark Cloud is playable but when i reach cut scenes or places with alot of things my fps drops to nearly 30.. I left configurations on Default for all plugins and i run on the following.

AMD A8-3850 2.9GHz APU with Radeon HD 6550D i also got 4 GB RAM

I dunno if its something that i like didint do when i built this computer or its the emulator please help im a noob.

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Yes, there's one thing you didn't do while building that system you didn't thought that lots of PS2 games simply require a better hardware;].

APU's are totally great, if you want something to browse the net, make an media center or get it for work, but in terms of ps2 emulation, your cpu is average at best and that radeon does use your system ram which is way slower than gpu's dedicated memory and even if that wouldn't be the case HD6500 series was for very low quality gaming even at their normal versions. Unfortunately for you ps2 games need quite fast memory transfers hence probably that radeon is the first thing to limit you, especially if while building it you also were cheap on your RAM which heavilly affects that integrated radeon>.>.
Check "native" in GSdx config(GS plugin) and generally forget about higher res, you might also try if "allow 8 bit textures" affects your fps there since it could help with those limitations.
Also check what's EE% at the top of the window when you run the game shows, if it's close to 100% then you're also getting cpu limited hence experiment with some speedhacks or at least try different presets in config>emulation settings menu.

But generally while you might work something out of this, don't make your expectations too high, not on a budget system at least(and if you have also ZoE2 just forget about it, boss battles require something like an intel cpu OC around 4.5ghz on pair with decent gpu @_@).

Each game has different requirements, if nothing helps you would do better trying to play other of your ps2 games than irritating yourself with slowdowns.
Xugiko, you are what is stated under your user name, a newbie to PCSX2. You really should not call yourself a noob, it's a pejorative term to say that person who never learns, is a parasite and believes everyone else owe him/her whatever is wanted. The noob most times is not even a newbie anymore albeit is so clueless as the first time he/she came up.
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Try to enable some recommended speed hacks for Dark Cloud 2. Sorry to say but ZoE is really hard to emulate at full speed. I get 60fps on the very first scene but as soon as I go outside the speeds just drop. I'd recommend playing it on PS2 or if you have a PS3 or Xbox get the HD Collection, well worth it Smile
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