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Noob unable to get Persona 4 pnach file to work
I'm pretty new to all this and thought I'd try my hand at pnach file cheating however I've been pretty unsuccessful. I've made the pnach file and placed it into my cheat file in my programs folder but every time I load up pcsx2 it says overall cheats found = 0. Could anyone help? here is my pnach file details.

title: DEDC3B71.pnach

gametitle=Persona 4 [SLUS 21782]
comment= credits 2 ~Unknown~

//x8 EXP Multi (Everyone)

Or if anyone has a working persona 4 pnach file sharing it would greatly help ^^

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Check out my guide here. It goes over many of the common issues new folks encounter.
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Brystar search in the lower right corner here: for DEDC3B71 there are many pnatch files already.

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